Zombotany 3 is a more challenging, difficult yet fun version of Zombotany. It takes place on the Roof.

New Zombies[edit | edit source]

Coffee Bean Zombie - A fast zombie that awakens any slow and sleeping mushroom zombie but kills itself in the process. -Takes 10 damage shots

Cabbage-pult Zombie - Pults cabbages over your defenses and ignores any Pumpkin but can be blocked with Umbrella Leaf -Takes 10 Damage Shots

Kernel-pult Zombie - Shoots butter that stuns plants for 3 seconds Takes- 15 Damage Shots

Melon-pult Zombie - One of your worst enemies. Melons do heavy damage and splash damage spreads. Can be deflected with Umbrella Leaf. Takes 32 damage shots

Gravebuster Zombie - A zombie that will eat any wall-nut that it reaches buts kills itself in the process, - Takes 15 damage shots

Sun-shroom zombie - basically a normal zombie when awake, he can heal a zombie the touches him - Takes 10 damage shots

Snow Pea Zombie - a zombie that will slow down your plant's attack speed and etc with every shot, Takes 15 damage shots

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