Wall-nut bowling 3 is the third mini-game. It mostly resembles Wall-nut bowling 2 but introduces more zombies such as Gargutuars and Zombonis.


Gameplay is like its predecessor. Sometimes, the conveyor-belt will give Explode-o-nut which has a range of a cherry bomb, giant wall-nut which can squish and kill all the zombies on it's row except Garguntuars, doom-nut which explodes with a range of a doom-shroom but does not leave any cracter behind, fiery-nut, which can burn and destrory almost every single type of zombie except Garguntuars and can melt ice trails left by Zombonis, Ice-nut, which freezes every single zombie except Zombonis and Hyper Doom-nut, which can terminate all types of zombies regardless of their current hit points.




Giant Wall-nut




Hyper Doom-nut


Zombie (Takes one hit to kill)

Flag Zombie (Takes one hit to kill)

Conehead Zombie (Takes two hits to kill)

Pole Vaulting Zombie (Takes one hit to kill; jumps over the first one, unless a Giant Wall-nut is used)

Buckethead Zombie (Takes three hits to kill)

Newspaper Zombie (Takes two hits to kill; gets faster after first hit)

Screen Door Zombie (Takes four hits to kill; five in Xbox Live Arcade version; one for ricochet)

Dancing Zombie (Takes one hit to kill; summons Backup Dancers)

Backup Dancer (Takes one hit to kill, if the front Backup Dancer is hit, the Wall-nut will ricochet, so that then the upper or lower one and after that, the hindmost one is killed)

Zombie Yeti* (Takes one hit to kill; although still leaves the screen if not killed)

Zomboni (Takes four hits to kill, leaves an ice-trail which summons the Zombie Bobsled Team, ice trail requires fiery-nut to melt, other wall-nuts will slide but can still damage zombies although the wall-nut can't ricochett)

Zombie Bobsled Team (Bobsled takes two hits to kill, each zombie takes one hit to kill, the entire team dies together if they meet a fiery-nut or another instant kill Wall-nut while in their bobsled)

Gargutuar (six hits to kill, throws imps at four hits or one instant kill, instant death if hyper doom-nut is used)

Imp (one hit, If get hit by Giant wall-nut while in midair, it will die)


Do as you would do in wall-nut bowling 2. Save your Hyper Doom-nut for extreme emegencies or during the final wave where there would be ten Garguntuars.

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