survival insane mode takes place during pool and has 20 flags, YEAH 20!

zombies Edit

zombie: garunteed

conehead: garunteed

buckethead: common

pole vaulter: common

foot ball: common

newspaper: uncommon

screen door: uncommon

dancing: uncommon

ducky tube: garunteed

snorkel zombie: common

zomboni: rare

dolphin: uncommon

jack-in-the-box: rare

balloon: very rare

digger: rare

pogo: rare

bungee: very rare

ladder: rare

catapult: extreme

gargantuar: rare

imp: common

giga gargantuar: extreme

giga football: rare

trash can: uncommon

peashooter: uncommon

wall-nut: uncommon

ambushes Edit

camel sneak attack: rare Edit

camel zombies: garunteed

sand/snowstorm: common Edit

sandstorm: common Edit

mummy zombie: garunteed

conehead mummy: common

buckethead mummy: rare

imp mummy: common

snowstorm: uncommon Edit

cave zombie: garunteed

cave conehead zombie: uncommon

cave buckethead zombie: very rare

yeti imp: garunteed

bot swarm: rare Edit

bug bot imp: garunteed

jam change: garunteed Edit

punk: common Edit

punk zombie: common

impunk: uncommon

pop: uncommon Edit

glitter zombie: common

rap: common Edit

MC-ZOM-B: rare

break-dancer zombie: common

8-bit: rare Edit

arcade zombie: rare

8-bit zombies (zombie, conehead and buckethead): see above

metal: extreme Edit

hair metal gargantuar: extreme

achievements Edit

brutal man Edit

beat insane mode

lucky Edit

beat insne mode without getting a football zombie

all planted Edit

beat a level with all plants

giga gottem Edit

beat a giga gargantuar

imp possible Edit

beat a level without attacking

don't pea in the pool Edit

pool's closed Edit

back in the old days Edit

see a giga football zombie

good morning Edit

19 flag fail Edit

lose survival insane mode after completing 19 flags

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